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Technical Support Email:

To ensure that your request is processed in a timely manner, please email us the following information with your request:

● Your Activation Code: This code consists of 30 letters or numbers

  • You can find it: In the email confirmation of purchase for downloaded versions.

● The game specifications:

  • The version number: 4.10 for example (this number figures on the bottom left of the main game menu.)
For any problem related to the activation of the game :  

  • The activation needs an active internet connection. So, are you sure that you are well connected and that you authorized your firewall for this access ?
  • Make sure you have not inverted a letter " I " and a number " 1 " in your activation code.
  • Check the configuration of Internet Explorer, and your proxy settings: our software uses the Internet Explorer configuration to find the internet connection. Make sure that it is well configured, especially in the case where you have a proxy.